NHS/Business Zone

Find out more about the future challenges and opportunities involved with NHS dentistry. A host of key speakers including key figures from the Office of The Chief Dental Officer will be talking you through all the latest issues.

Your Money

Matthew Tansley & George Clarke

The 20 minute solution to Parafunction

Barry J Oulton

Marketing for Profit

Chris Baker and Lisa Bainham

2019 Dentistry Confidence Monitor Survey – the BIG results revealed and discussed!

Nigel Jones

Leadership in Practice

Simon Gambold

“Dentistry in CRISIS?!”-A balanced view of the state of play by an unbalanced practitioner from the Dark Side…

Nishma Sharma

Battle your Biofilm

Laura Edgar

The Importance of Informed Consent

Farzeela Rupani

The psychology of wellbeing, success and abundance for dentists: attaining dental nirvana

Bashar Al-Naher

The UK’s premier dental event

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